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One and half years 12.5.2001 - 12.11.2002

In one and half years we have sailed to the other side of the world, New Zealand. That makes 17 574 nautical miles. We went over to the Western hemisphere in  8.6.2001 and back to Eastern in 2.11.2002. We crossed the equator in 22.5.2002 at 88 degrees 38 minutes west.
One of the best places has been Greenland, but also Cuba, Galápagos Islands with its animals, and the small state of Niue made an impression. Absolutely best animal experience has been swimming with the humpack whales in Tonga.
New Zealand is a turning point, also in other ways than just being in the middle of the way. Here it's time to check out Kristiina, do some maintenance and buy some new gear. And also re-estimate the routeplan with the knowledge we now have from 18 months sailing.
We have been lucky, without any major damages or accidents. We have been more healthy than back home, not even had a flu.

Thanks for everyone who has been following our trip, we hope you are with us from now on, too. Thanks for several e-mails we have got, apologies that we haven't answeared everyone.
Many thanks for our sponsors, your participation is part of our everyday life.

Under Kristiina's spreader has flown 17 courtesy flags made by Kirjolippu. We have slept about 450 nights on our comfortable Bodyform-madrass, the rest 105 has been in the sea punk. No back problems what so ever.
Our hp Omnibook laptop, the heart of the data-package contributed by PC Superstore and Hewlett-Packard, has been in everyday use. Homepage has got 86 updates, both in Finnish and English, and about 150 digi photos, taken with hp Photosmart camera. In addition to the digi photos, Hannu has taken several rolls of slide film given by Studio Kaj Ewart with the Nikon camera bought from Optotek. Besides e-mail, homepage updating and writing, Omnibook has received several weather faxes, which always evoke emotions; anger, excitement or content according to the coming weather. Most closely we have studied the weather faxes before sailing to Labrador and New Zealand.
Thanks to the satellite phone, borrowed by the City of Helsinki, that is using the Inmarsat system administered by Sonera in Finland, we are not dependent on internet cafees and public phones, but have phone and e-mail connections directly to the boat. Without this, many homepage updates would have been delayed, two months as worst, because of the long ocean voyages and missing ashore facilities.
The Nexi tent sauna was first used in Norway and most often it was in use in two very different climates: Greenland and Panama. Ceramic sauna stones given by Kiinteistö- ja talonhoito were left in Greenland, and finally the sauna got a new, permanent home by the Buenaventura Bay in Panama. The most unforgettable sauna bathing happened on the Finnish independence day 2001 in the middle of America, when the splitting sauna stones arranged their own fireworks.
During the 18 months we have sweated and freezed, temperature varying from zero to +36 deg C. With the North Face clothing - from shorts to fleece jackets - we have managed every kind of weather. Auli, who is in favor of hats, has been especially delighted of the five different North Face hats.
kick boards have been an excellent way to move. Hannu tested in Fair Isle that one kick board is capable of transporting 60 litre water canister and him - down to steep hill.
We have not met another Finnish yacht during the one and half years, but a bunch of other Scandinavians - especially Swedes. We have given our brochures and visitng cards printed by Uudenmaan Ammattipaino to Europeans, Americans as well as to Japanese.
There are also a couple of things we are happy we have not needed. The carbon dioxide extinguishers contributed by Palosammutinhuolto PSH are on their place, un-used. The spare cell phone given by Data-Info is still for spare. But the spare charger for our Perkins engine given by Ekström was replacing a burned one after the river trip.
Speed has not been slowed down because of bottom growth thanks to the Nor-Maali paints. Also Kristiina's sides are as white as on day they were painted.
Before the start our own Yacht club Sindbad, as well as Pitney Bowes, Dekomarkkinointi, Muuralan Rakennus and  Elduo were kindly supporting us.

And last but not least: many thanks for Citro Europe and NautiKarlsson for their support! 


Opua Marina, the first harbour in New Zealand