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The 1460 days of s/y Kristiina 12.5.2001 - 12.5.2005


  • 37 800 nautical miles
  • 21 countries
  • 345 harbours
  • 3 800 engine hours
  • 24 000 litres of water
  • 215 updates on homepage
  • 5 600 nautical miles home

Four years cruising leaves its marks - both to the vessel and crew. Deck is rusty, sails (genoa 7yrs, main 10yrs) streched, interior worn out, engine needs new parts. Compared to the mileage Kristiina has taken it well. Perkins has never let us down. And it has gathered some miles, too: rivers through the US, windless return from the Aleutians, channels of the British Columbia, and calm shores of Mexico. All the engine maintenance advice we have got from Ekström, Finland. Also the HP laptop and digital camera are still working like new.
What about the crew? Our enthusiam is worn out, it is the unavoidable result of the huge amount of experience. Physically we are feeling good. The personal floating device around our stomack would probably have grown also on land. When we think about the past, we are soon talking about Alaska. It is the best experience of our trip. That tells that we enjoy more wildlife and nature that people and new cultures. Thus, we liked it very much in Mexico, too. When we think what next, a picture rises in our head: the cabin deep in the woods, sauna, calm inlake, a cry of a bird. But before we can have our sauna bath, we have to cross the Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Some 5600 miles and three months to that.

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