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Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway 12.5.-1.6.2001

START 12.5.2001 at 2 pm, Yacht Club Sindbad, Helsinki, Finland
Thanks to all our friends and relatives, as well as all those unknown people, who made our start so warm and happy! Our sailing friends made us continue the goodbyes in Porkkala, where we spent a wonderful evening. On Sunday morning we were the ones who waved at Cri-Cri, Tucana, Hillo, Merianu and Victoria. Suddenly there were just two of us in the empty harbour sitting on Kristiina's deck. Tears in our eyes.

Great sauna in sv Merianu!

14.5.2001 Lehtma, Estonia
A day's rest cheered us up, and the sunny sea with a wedge of 30 cranes made the rest. The night was cold, though, only plus 5 C. Kristiina made a great sail on one tack, 4-6 knots, directly to Lehtma, Estonia, where we arrived just in the sunrise.

15.5.2001 Lehtma, Estonia
Kristiina was the first sailing yacht in this season, and we were treated very well. When the harbour master heard about our plan, the service became excellent! He drove us to the Kärdla village. In the evening we had a sauna and barbecue dinner on the white sandy beach.

23.5.2001 Copenhagen, Denmark
On Tuesday, the 22nd of May, we arrived to the sunny and warm Copenhagen. All the warm clothing, fleece jackets and pants, caps and gloves were changed to shorts and T-shirt as we sailed closer to the Langelinie guest harbour. The head wind, which we met in the North of Gotland, had made our sailing a couple of days longer than expected, but - we have time!
On our way down here, we spent two nights in Kalmar, waiting the strong South wind to turn, and celebrating Auli's 40th birthday. On the tiny and rocky Utklippan island we spent one night, just to wake in the morning to a SW wind, but it was tackable. So we tacked. Across the Hanö bay to the South coast of Sweden. We motored through the Falsterbo canal in the early morning sun.

The first day in Copenhagen was a lazy one, sleeping and walking on the Nye Haven canal boulevard. We still have some way to go to the proper "blue water" cruising way of life, NOT changing your money wherever and NOT having your beer at the fanciest bar of the boulevard.
In the evening we watched the video on s/y Merivuokko's first trip to the Amazon by Pertti Duncker. The happy people - especially the smiling children with their brown gaze - living a simple life in the delta, made us understand why he wants to sail to the Amazon again. Happy voyage, Merivuokko!
Today has been an active day, Hannu sealed up the one leaking window of the windscreen (white Sikaflex spots here and there), and Auli answered the e-mail messages and - is writing this page.

The most southern harbour in the coming half year.

28.5.2001 Skagen, Denmark
We spent three windy days in the fishing and tourist village Skagen, at the Northernmost top of Denmark. The past days glorious artist society has faded out, and replaced by shabby art posters and postcards among other tourist junk.
We expected to find a half empty, sleepy guest harbour of the early season, but sailed in to a full-crowded and noisy party-harbour: the Swedes and Norwegians had sailed over to celebrate the long weekend (Thursday, the 24th of May was the Ascension Day). And to buy some cheap drinks.
We couldn't help feeling a bit malicious pleasure on Sunday, when the hangover-party-people had to leave, and sail over the Kattegat to meet their everyday duties. We stayed, in our new everyday life.
And there are a lot of duties and doing in this life, too. Answering the e-mail, searching for fishing equipment, updating the homepage, washing the dishies, doing the laundry, shopping (okay, we admit, we bought some cheap drinks too, after all, we are heading Norway), and using the internet in the library.
Moving around has been easy by the Helkama scooters. With the wind you don't even have to kick! But I can feel it in my muscles, several trips to the village and to the beach begin to work.

Our Helkama kick-scooters can carry a shopping load

The north tip pf Denmark is a border between Kattegat and Skagerrak

1.6.2001 The South Coast of Norway
The sail over the Skagerrak was typical to these past two weeks: first wind against, then no wind at all. Just the huge waves left from the hard wind. Kristiina was going up the hill and down the hill, up again and down. We both felt sick even lying down. Also the birds told us that we are coming closer to the Atlantic: the skilful fulmars gliding near the waves, yellow-neck gannets, and even two puffins, probably lost on their fishing trip.
After 30 hours trip we arrived to Sutnöya, a nature harbour near the Lindesnes.
In the evening was the time for the first sauna! What a enjoyment! The Swiss couple with a beautiful Finngulf 39, s/y Vagabondo were content with just taking some photos instead of a bath. Although they were familiar with the Finnish culture by their sailing trips to Finland. To sit on a stone in a small tent with a grass floor, heated by a tiny owen... we cannot blame them!

We would have stayed in our sauna harbour for a couple of days, but again the weather made the decision for us. The forecast said gale force Northerly wind for the next two days, so we'd better to continue.
We motored some 40 miles north, near Egersund, to a sheltered and quiet bay. Four grey herons and two ravens welcomed us. What a place! The only negative side is that we are outside the GSM field because of the high hills around us. So we have to climb to a top to be able to send this page to the internet! We will spend here three four days, just to relax, catch some fish and do some reparation on the boat.

Great to have mobile connections to the world